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Monday, January 6th, 2014

Welcome to the return of No Dice.

When I ended the last story of No Dice I said that I thought about taking a sci-fi turn with the comic. I wasn’t entirely sure where I was gonna go at the time, and in all honesty I’m still not entirely sure where I’m going to go, but I thought the comic needed a little rebranding.

Thus, No Dice: Into The Black.

I have an idea to build a world that takes place in the same universe as the original No Dice stories, but hundreds of years into the future and in other parts of the galaxy. Other planets. New worlds. Also, unlike the original comics, I have a cast that I want to stick with for a while and tell their stories. These characters you’ll all be introduced to in the coming weeks as we delve into their first adventure.

You may notice that the old comics are missing. Fear not. They still exist. If you go to the ARCHIVE page you’ll not only see a page that will link to individual pages, something the old site lacked, but also at the top will be a link to a ZIP file that contains all 500 of the original comic pages. Everything is still available.

I’m both nervous and excited about this new journey I’m taking with No Dice. And I hope you’ll all take the journey with me.

Please be sure to let me know how the comic is going. Leave a comment, toss me a message on twitter @NoDiceMike

We also have the official No Dice twitter @NoDiceComic and the No Dice Facebook Page.

Thanks, everyone.

-Mike Perry

Things be changing!

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Hey, Guys!

As you can see above this post (assuming you’re seeing it on the webpage) I’ve uploaded the first two No Dice digital comic books!

As I said earlier this month, I thought of re-branding No Dice a bit. It would become more of a brand that comics are released under rather than a title of a specific web comic. And I would be releasing FREE digital comic books much in the way I’ve been doing over at

Through this re-branding, the site is going to undergo a bit of an overhaul. I plan on going back and collecting all past No Dice comics into digital books like the two that are up right now and deleting the webcomic archives. That includes the original No Dice comics from way back. I’m also planning on mixing things up a bit. While we are in the middle of “The Rift” storyline as part of “Into The Black,” not every monthly book update will necessarily go back to that world. Just as we do over at MISC, where a different title is released every month (Like DARE!, Vanessa Sloane: Monster Hunter, Nightcock, etc.) there will be other titles released under the No Dice banner. I may even be brainstorming ideas that might bring back a certain pirate and her cat-girl companion. ;D

Seeing as “Into The Black” is in the middle of a storyline at the moment, I’ll try not to break away too much. At least not until this current story is over. But there will likely be some bouncing around. I have a LOT of ideas but a lot of them don’t really seem to fit what we’re doing over at MISC, so they will find their home at No Dice!

Thank you for your support in this adjustment process. I hope I can keep bringing you comics that you enjoy. And if you enjoy, please be sure to tell people. Tweet, blog, Facebook post… Friendster if that’s still a thing. Spread the word as much as you can. More readers means more comics!

Thanks again and I’ll see you for the next one!

Happy Halloween!

-Mike Perry