Into The Black – Chapter 1 – Dead Rock – Page 70
Monday — June 16th, 2014

Into The Black – Chapter 1 – Dead Rock – Page 70

Our heroes have been arrested for learning the government’s secrets about a dead planet overrun by terrible beasts.

And young Xan from No Dice Books 2 and 7 is now a crooked underworld boss who has access to some alien dimension!

What will happen next?

We’ll find out when No Dice- Into The Black returns on Monday, September 1st.

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Squared Circle #1

Squared Circle #1

Written by: Ben Rosenthal

Art by: Mike Perry

Continuing from the webcomic (Archived at Reilly, Murdoch, El Puno and BJ begin their quest to bring down The King Of The Mountain who has locked the world in a Camel Clutch!

Patreon Subscribers got this a week ago as well as the entire collection of the webcomic. But now it is being made public for all to enjoy.


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DARE! #7

Over at we’ve just released DARE! #7

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Spectre Snatchers #1

Over at we’ve just released Spectre Snatchers #1

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Nightcock #2

Over at we’ve just released Nightcock #2

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