The Future
Wednesday — October 1st, 2014

The Future

On Monday I asked how people felt about the comic and was questioning how to continue the comic or even if I wanted to continue the comic. When I took my last break, I was busy with other things and forgot to really plan ahead for when No Dice came back on September 1st. So when that day arrived and I had promised to get a new comic up, I had nothing ready and I’d been winging it pretty much since then. It didn’t help that I had/have other projects that I’ve been working on while trying to keep up with the grind of working on this comic.

What does it mean for the future of No Dice? No Dice will continue, but the mode of distribution will be altered a bit. Considering that people have stated their preferred method of reading has been to come once or twice a month and read several in a single visit, I’m going to start releasing 10-15 page monthly comic books much like we do over at And the adventures of Illiana and her crew will continue, from where the last page left off, in these future books. The first of which will be released later this month so there will be no hiatus.

I’m also planning on turning No Dice into more of a brand than a title of a comic. Meaning there will be other future projects that I’ve had in my head released under the No Dice banner, while maybe not necessarily being in the same fantasy vein that No Dice has been up to this point.

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I want to thank you guys for reading and supporting the comic in any way and I hope you’ll continue to read and support because even thought it can get rough, I do love making these things for you and want to keep doing it.

I’ll see you in a couple weeks for the first official issue of Into The Black!

- Mike

Squared Circle #1

Squared Circle #1

Written by: Ben Rosenthal

Art by: Mike Perry

Continuing from the webcomic (Archived at Reilly, Murdoch, El Puno and BJ begin their quest to bring down The King Of The Mountain who has locked the world in a Camel Clutch!

Patreon Subscribers got this a week ago as well as the entire collection of the webcomic. But now it is being made public for all to enjoy.


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-Mike Perry


DARE! #7

Over at we’ve just released DARE! #7

Click on the image below to head on over to the download page!

Spectre Snatchers #1

Over at we’ve just released Spectre Snatchers #1

Click the image to go to the download page.

Nightcock #2

Over at we’ve just released Nightcock #2

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